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Medical Flight Service is your reliable service provider for medical repatriations and evacuations by commercial aircraft, air ambulance or ground ambulance - worldwide
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Service Offer

We are your competent partner for global medical flight escort services in patient repatriation from abroad

Scheduled Flights

We use regular scheduled flights to safely escort patients with mobility restrictions to their home destination. Our personnel ensures optimum medical care and assistance before, during and after the flight, including PTC escort services.

Air Ambulance

For patients requiring a high level of medical care, we organise individual air ambulance flights to fulfil all individual needs and medical requirements. And our team also reliably handles ground transport after landing.

Medical Flight Tracker

Know-where: Real-time tracking using our on-line Medical Flight Tracker provides you with updates on your patient’s current position and status at any time.

Client Testimonials


Accidents or severe illnesses abroad are always exceptional situations.
We handle the arrangements for patients and relatives and organise the repatriation in a highly professional and systematic manner. 


We are available for accompanied transport services 365 days a year and ready to fly at all times. Immediately after receiving your request, we take care of booking appropriate medical personnel and flights and prepare the required equipment for each patient.


We contact the treating physicians on site, analyse the situation and assess the patient’s medical clearance for transport. Additionally, we obtain all travel documents, luggage and medical documentation


Our special focus is on individualised assistance not only for the patient but also for any relatives on site. Furthermore, we carry out therapeutic and care measures to stabilise the patient for transport.


Our transport services include flights carried out according to IATA criteria, including correct bedding/positioning and individualised medical care, as well as transfer of the patient to the airport, check-in and luggage drop-off, if required.


After arriving at the destination, we also arrange for transportation to the hospital. This helps us to ensure continuous care and a seamless transition of medical information to the physicians at the destination location.


Each repatriation is recorded in a detailed operation protocol and all medical and organisational events, if any, are minutely documented. In a final step we provide you with a complete and transparent invoice listing all costs.

Emergency Contact

+49 (0)89 21 52 66 00


Medical Flight Tracker

For insurance departments focused on patient repatriation, we have developed a specialised tool:
Our Medical Flight Tracker enables you to track the status and current location of your booked transports on-line and in real time. Additionally, the software provides interfaces for the automatic updating of records.








Miles flown

Expertise at all Levels

Our experienced team is up to the task—whether up in the air or down on the ground

medical flight service


Our extensive know-how and close cooperation with many German insurance companies enable a smooth and straightforward handling of assignments. With our approach, predictable costs for medical care staff facilitate cost planning for insurance carriers. Additionally, all medical and organisational services rendered by the flight escort staff are recorded in detail.


Most of the physicians working for us have been working in the medical repatriation and air ambulance sector for several years and have demonstrated their ability to provide professional treatment and completely fulfil all their patient’s needs during repatriation to their home country.
They are all specialists in their respective fields and we hand-pick the appropriate personnel for our teams in accordance with the individual requirements of each transport.

Medical Personnel

In addition to licensed medical practitioners, our staff pool also includes registered emergency medical technicians and paramedics as well as registered nurses, often with additional qualifications, e.g. in intensive care, and a wealth of experience in rescue and emergency services, medical flight service, and crisis management.